Top 5 Most active grocery retailers in the United States

By number of stores currently under construction

By David Z. Beitz

March 22, 2021

19.5 million square feet of new grocery space is on the way. Grocery has been a bright spot in the economy over the past year as…

2020 has shown retailers and restaurants it is important to have a grocery store nearby.

by John Rodd, Business Development Representative at Site Zeus

For decades, general retailers’ ability to attract significant shopping traffic proved lucrative for neighboring businesses — particularly restaurant brands. However, mass store closures and a major shift toward online retailing have pushed grocery to the front of the anchor tenant line…

Amazon Fresh proves in-person shopping is alive and thriving

by Mark Kooyman, CEO & Discovery Chief at EXPERIENCE Insight Group, Inc

It’s hard to believe it was five years ago, but my firm was doing a lot of work in retail. We were working with Party City, Bargain Hunt and K-Mart plus regional and local house & home.


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